About us

At Keepsake Wood Creations, we are PASSIONATE about our wood creations!  We have created beautiful, high-quality custom wooden boxes for our business clients. Whether used for keepsake storage, product packaging or presentation of items, wood boxes create huge perceived value.

We offer tons of personalization options to customize the box for you, family member or brand. We can engrave your logo on the box, or even personalize each box with the individual recipient’s name. Nothing is more special than a personalized wood box.

View the wood box gallery at right to see our craftsmanship – click any image to start the slideshow. Custom wooden box projects include:

  • Product Packaging and DisplaysABBEY011
  • Cigar boxes
  • Humidors
  • Medal boxes
  • Wine Boxes
  • Liquor Boxes
  • Promotional Items
  • Logos on Boxes
  • Personalized Boxes
  • Holiday Boxes
  • Knife Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Coin Boxes
  • Stamp Boxes
  • Memory Boxes
  • Keepsake boxes
  • Collection Boxes
  • Presentation Boxes
  • Museum Boxes
  • Showcase Boxes
  • Ensign Boxes
  • Memory Boxes
  • Watch Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Pocket Watch Boxes
  • Flag Cases (with and without bases)
  • Military Boxes
  • Trinket Boxes
  • Cremation Urns (Human and Pet)

We can help you design boxes that increase your brand value and create a difference from your competition. If you know exactly what you want, submit your quote request here. If you just have some ideas, call us and we’ll help you design the perfect packaging solution.

For a quote on your custom wood box project, click here.